Topeks. Summer quarters

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Topeks. Summer quarters
Photograph taken by T. F. Miller [1850-1927]
Sepia print made of paper, mounted on card

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller, 1983
Museum number 1987-326-30

Sepia print of Topeks. This print shows an Inuit topek with the family outside and the flap open, showing the interior. The topek is in the centre of the picture with various household articles on display inside. On the left of the picture a man sits beside the topek; he is wearing what may be a seaman's peaked cap and he is holding a magazine rifle. A woman stands beside him. She is wearing a long skirt and a short jacket. On the opposite side of the topek are three small children, a girl who is sitting and who boys who are standing.

Topeks. Summer quarters
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