University Gown

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Undergraduate gown of University of St. Andrews, University College, Dundee.

Bequeathed by Miss E. Smith
Museum number 1977-596

Scarlet napped and tufted wool, with purple velveteen yoke and collar. Yoke is squared off at the back and pointed in front. Three-quarter length hanging sleeves. Badge on left yoke, gold embroidered on velvet - Dundee's 3 lilies. Inside back yoke are initials of owner, sewn in cross-stitch in violet thread, 'Emma Smith'.

University education for women in Scotland began in Dundee; the new college was open to women from the start "promoting the education of persons of both sexes and the study of Science, Literature and the Fine Arts". This was largely due to the determination of its first benefactor, Mary Ann Baxter.

University Gown
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