Untitled (Jam)

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Wolfgang Tillmans
Born Remscheid, Germany, 1968

Untitled (jam), 2003
Nine of an edition of 10
C-type print

Purchased in 2006 from Maureen Paley
Purchased with funds from the Contemporary Art Society’s Scottish Arts Council lottery funded National Collecting Scheme for Scotland, with additional support from the Art Fund
Museum number 2006-30

Tillmans' photographs are often described as snapshots - because his subject matter appears casual and spontaneous, yet his images are actually carefully composed. As he says:

"I learned at an early stage that it was much easier to make something look complicated and arty. But ... it's better if it looks very simple and doesn't talk so much about its own artifice and processes. I've developed ways to take pictures so that you don't notice how it's been lit, for example. The process doesn't exactly disappear - when you look at the picture you realise that the colours are very specific, and the geometry, and the lines, and how things are composed are still there. I don't want to make these things disappear completely, but I want to avoid a language that points them out."

Untitled (Jam)
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