Whaler crew and inuit on the deck of a whaler

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Inuit on deck of whaler
Photograph taken in Cumberland Gulf
Made of paper

Donated by Mr Robert Ferguson in 1977
Museum number 1975-2-3-28

Inuit on deck of a whaler. Black and white image of a group of Inuit and seamen on the deck of a whaling ship. Two Inuit in the immediate foreground having their bodies facing the viewer's left, but their heads are inclined to the right as they speak with a smaller, older man who has his hands in his pockets. He is bearded and wears a low-brimmed hat. Behind him stands a taller man in a whaler's fur hat. He is smiling and also sports a beard. On the right middle ground a boy wearing a cap is sitting on the bulwark, while a group of three men, possibly inuit, are to the viewer's left.

Whaler crew and inuit on the deck of a whaler
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