Whaler 'Terra Nova'

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D. G. Sythes

Whaler 'Terra Nova'
Pen and ink

Donation by Mr D. G. Sythes
Museum number 20-1991

Pen and ink drawing of the whaler 'Terra Nova' from port bow. The vessel in in ice. The last purpose built-whaler to be launched in Dundee, 'Terra Nova' also became a significant Polar exploration vessels. As well as being involved in the rescue of Captain Scott's 'Discovery' in 1902/03, 'Terra Nova' also sailed to Franz Josef Land in 1905 to rescue the survivors of the US 'America' expedition. In 1910 Captain Scott used her for his most famous and final expedition. 'Terra Nova' was lost to enemy action in 1943, during the Second World War [1939-1945].

Whaler 'Terra Nova'
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