whalers anchored in harbour

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Whalers anchored in harbour
Photograph produced by S. W. Pritchard, Marshall Street, Lochee, Dundee
Flourished late 19th century
Photograph of paper, mounted on card

Museum number 1988-270-5

This sepis print shows two whalers anchored at Lieveley Harbour in Disco Island off Greenland. In the foreground is an area of flat ice with a small boat at left centre and the wreck of a vessel in the centre. The wreck is sheathed in ice and may be of 'Wildfire.' There is a rocky, snow streaked headland on the right and a long, snow, streaked finger of land in the background. Between the wreck and the background land is a stretch of open water, where there are two three masted vessels at anchor. The mount for this photograph has the name 'S. W. Pritchard' at the bottom right, with the address 'Marshall Street, Lochee, Dundee.'

whalers anchored in harbour
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