Whaling ship at the edge of the ice

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Whaling ship at edge of ice
Photographed by S. W. Pritchard, Marshall Street, Lochee, Dundee
Late 19th century
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card

Museum number 1988-270-7

This sepia print shows a whaling ship at the edge of the ice. In the foreground is an area of ice and snow, with a man standing in sillhouette at the left centre. There is another man standing on the right. Between them a group of men are pushing a small boat with a white hull, and two others are hauling a rope to pull this boat. In the background is a whaling ship, three master, with her mainsails and royals furled but her topsails and spanker set. The print is mounted in a card frame with the name S. W. Pritchard scrolled at the bottom right corner.

Whaling ship at the edge of the ice
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