'Windward' and 'Wildfire' in Dundee docks

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'Windward' and 'Wildfire' in Dundee docks.
Lantern slide made of glass with metal frame

Donated by Mr Robert Ferguson in 1972
Museum number 1972-351-115

This lantern slide shows the whaling vessels 'Windward' and 'Wildfire' in Dundee docks. Both vessels have their sails furled but are wearing flags; the closer has flags at her fore and mizzen mast, the further away has flags at all three masts. The vessel closer has a light painted funnel with a dark, possibly black band at the top, while the further away vessel has a slightly darker funnel with the band. Both vessels have white whaleboats carried bottom-up on deck.

'Windward' and 'Wildfire' in Dundee docks
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