Wool Tapestry Picture

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Wool Tapestry Picture
Made by Henry Quirk while at sea
Made of wool on a linen backing, probably sailcloth

Donated by James Quirk on or before May 1958
Museum number 1958-454

Wool tapestry picture showing a broadside on view of a auxiliary powered steam ship. The vessel has her mainsail furled and all the others set. There is steam coming from a squat funnel that sits forward of her mainmast and she wears the white ensign well aft. She is passing close to land and there are three people watching, two of whom are waving and the third is leaning against a flag pole from which the Union flag flies. This vessel is 'St Enoch' a 1854 ton Dundee ship which was posted missing in August 1878, while carrying coal from Dundee to Bombay. All 33 of her crew, including Mr Quirk who made the picture, were lost with her.

Wool Tapestry Picture
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