World War I Brass Remembrance plaque

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World War I Brass Remembrance plaque 1918
Wooden frame with brass centred plaque

Donated by Carolina House Trust, 1996
Museum number: 1996-304-1

Brass Remembrance plaque for pupils of Dundee Orphan Institution killed 1914-1918.
The inscription reads:To the Glory of God, And in Loving Memory of the Former pupils of, Dundee Orphan Institute, Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice During the Great War, 1914 - 1918
Eng Lieut. Thos. P. Brodie RND
Sergt Johm McKenzie 1st Black Watch, Thos. Philip, Canadian Forces, John. H. Smith, 1st Black Watch
Private Duncan brown, Canadian Forces. George Buchanan, RFA
Private Gilbert Mathers RSP, John Scott, Austrailian Forces.
Trooper Wm. Wood. M.M Innis.Dragoons
2nd Officer Jas. Robertson, Mer.Marine
A.B Jas. Christie, RNVR, Chas. Sharp RNVR
Erected by Lord Dean of Guild Dickie

World War I Brass Remembrance plaque
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