wreck of Wildfire

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Wreck of Wildfire
Photograph produced by S.W. Pritchard, Marshall Street, Lochee, Dundee
S. W. Pritchard flourished toward the end of the 19th century
Print is made of paper, mounted on card

Museum number 1988-270-4

Sepia Print of the wreck of the whaling ship 'Wildfire'. This vessel was lost in 1868 and the photograph shows her remains about twenty five years later. The picture had an area of very calm water or ice in the foreground, with snowy hills in the background, sloping mainly from left to right. In the centre of the picture is the wreck of 'Wildfire' , comprising the shape of the hull, covered in ice, the stem and a few ribs of the most forward part of the vessel.

wreck of Wildfire
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