The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour

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The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour, 1876
Original photograph by T. F. Miller [1850-1927.]
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card.

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller, 1983
Museum number 1987-326-2

This sepia print has the words 'The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour' underneath and 'Lievely- from the harbour' above. Part of the latter wording has been cut off. The foreground of the picture is composed of the sea, with only part of the bows of "Wildfire" visible. The remainder of the wreck is covered in snow or ice. There are a number of three masted vessels in the right middle distance, with a snow-streaked hill behind. "Wildfire" was one of the Dundee whaling fleet, but was stove in and abandoned on the 18th July 1868.

The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour
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