Extension of ‘Reflections on Celts’ exhibition celebrated

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Extension of ‘Reflections on Celts’ exhibition celebrated

The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum is celebrating an extension to the ‘Reflections on Celts’ exhibition until Sunday March 26, 2017 with the online release of a dynamic 3D reconstruction and visualisation of the Iron Age hillfort on Dundee Law from the exhibition.

‘Reflections on Celts’ is a spotlight tour organised in partnership with National Museums Scotland and the British Museum. It also features two Iron Age mirrors – the British Museum’s Holcombe mirror and National Museums Scotland’s Balmaclellan mirror – which tell very different stories, and help us to understand the relationships between communities in Britain 2,000 years ago.  The McManus is the last leg of the tour and the exhibition was due to come to a close in December. Organisers have now announced that because the tour has been so well received across the country, they are giving visitors 3 more months to get along and visit the exhibition in Dundee.

One of the most popular exhibits at The McManus has been the 3D visualisation of Dundee Law. It shows a hillfort in its surrounding landscape and incorporates objects from the museum’s collection to provide an interpretation of how it may have looked back in the Iron Age. Work on the visualisation was carried out by researchers from the University of Dundee’s 3DVisLab. It has been made available on YouTube and the museum’s Facebook page. Alongside the mirrors and visualisation, is the Colace Stone from Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen who have also agreed an extension to that loan.

Christina Donald, Curator of Early History at the McManus said

“We are delighted to announce that the exhibition has been extended to allow people more time to visit. The partnership with National Museums Scotland and the British Museum has been very successful and I would encourage everyone to get along and see these Iron Age mirrors alongside objects from our own collections. ”

Jilly Burns, head of partnerships at National Museums Scotland said

“Increasing access to and engagement with the national collections all across the country is a key aim for National Museums Scotland.  Reflections on Celts has been a highly successful example of this, working with the British Museum and partners including the McManus who have added richly to the display with additional objects and interpretation. We are delighted to be able to extend the exhibition through to March and give more people the opportunity to go and see these wonderful objects”

The exhibition is free and runs until March 26, 2017 and is generously supported by the Dorset Foundation.

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